About Our School

School Mission

"Educate,Engage,and Empower military-connected students to succeed in a dynamic world".

School Vision

"Excellence in Education for Every Student, Every Day, Everywhere."


Welcome to M.C. Perry High School!

In September 1955, the United States Army established the American Dependents School, and the school operated under this name until 1957 when the U. S. Navy established a Naval Air Station and officially renamed the school Matthew C. Perry School. In 1958, the air station reverted to the U. S. Marine Corps. The school retained its name under the new command and comprised a correspondence high school with one teacher and four elementary school teachers.In 1977, the school was separated into a high school and an elementary school, with separate faculty and principals for each school. In 1984, the two schools were once again combined into a single unit school under the supervision of a principal and assistant principal. By 1987, the schools were separated once again, in 2018 MC Perry JHS became Matthew C. Perry High School.

Matthew C. Perry High School comprises grades 9 through 12 with approximately 230 students and a faculty and staff of thirty educators. The school provides a general education curriculum much like any public high school in the United States, with college preparatory courses, various electives, and a career and technology education (CTE) program for students who wish to become involved in a work environment during the school day.

Graduation Requirements

M.C. Perry utilizes the Carnegie system wherein the student can earn one half credit per semester for a class which meets 85 minutes every other day. Consequently, students have an opportunity to earn 3.5 credits per semester, 7 credits per school year.Currently all students are required to earn 26 credits and must have an overall cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or better to graduate. The 26 credits over four years are distributed as follows:

  • 4 Language Arts
  • 3 Mathematics (must include Algebra 1 and Geometry)
  • 3 Science (must include Biology and Chemistry or Physics)
  • 3 Social Studies (must include US History and US Government)
  • 2 Foreign Language
  • 2 Professional Technical Studies
  • 1 Fine Arts
  • 1.5 Physical Education
  • 0.5 Health Electives

Test Information

The PSAT is offered annually. For SY 2011-12 all sophomores and juniors were required to take the PSAT and DoDDS paid the exam fees. This school year, 90 percent of the seniors took the SAT and 10 percent took the ACT. In May 2012, 32 students took one or more Advance Placement Exams. These exams were given in US History, Calculus AB, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, English Literature, and English Language and Composition.

Class Rank and Weighted Grades

Class rankings on transcripts are based on grade point averages, including weighted grades students may have received from DoDDS or other school systems. Advance Placement courses are weighted by one point for any student who completes the course and takes the corresponding AP exam. Honors courses are not weighted. Middle school students enrolled in high school math or foreign language courses will receive credit for the courses taken, but grades received will not be figured into their high school grade point average. 

Connect with our School's Team:

School Contacts and Hours

Off base dialing instructions:

To call the front office from our area: 315-253-5449

To call the front office from the US: 011-81-827-79-5449


DSN Contact Numbers

  • Attendance Call-in : 253-5449
  • Counselor: Grades 7 - 12: 253-5449
  • Main Office: 253-5949
  • Information Center: 253-5524
  • Nurse: 253-4033
  • Special Education: 253-5449
  • Student Services/Registrar: 253-5449


  • On Post: 253-4600
  • Off Post: 0827-79-4600

Summer hours - Monday thru Friday 800-1500.


CSI Leadership Meeting Schedule

Leadership Team meetings are scheduled for the fourth Tuesday every month and the start time is 1500.

Accreditation and Awards

MC Perry High School is accredited by Cognia.